Edwardian Platinum Ring by Stan Shelley

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018 at 1:55 pm by Shelley's

We recently acquired a ring that is instructive for folks wanting to learn about dating estate jewelry.

The ring, pictured below, is from the late Edwardian period. The first thing we see is a lot of air, or space, in the ring. This is typical of the Edwardian period. This example of an Edwardian ring is stunningly beautiful.

Next, we consider the metal. During the Edwardian period, there was an increasing desire for white metal jewelry. Silver was too inexpensive and white gold had not yet been invented. Thus the rise of platinum, which is the metal in this ring.

How do we know it is late Edwardian? First, the style is starting to get more geometric as opposed to swirly. This is late Edwardian. Also, the diamond is Old European cut. Early Edwardian jewelry has diamonds that are Old Mine cut.

The ring has six very small diamonds which are not old cut. This suggests that the ring must have been damaged at one time and, when repaired, more modern melee (small diamonds) were used. Based on all of the above, we date the ring at 1910. You can find more images HERE

Lesson over, I hope you enjoyed it!