Monster Retro Ring by Stan Shelley

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2018 at 5:33 pm by Shelley's

The Retro period was brief but quite distinctive.  Roughly speaking, it was the 1940s.  One of the styles that was very popular was what I call MONSTER RETRO RINGS.  These rings had a single colored gemstone, very, very, large, set in a simple ring.  It was adorned withneither diamonds nor gold work.  Just a single hug gem.

The one pictured below has just been added to our estate jewelry collection.  This light yellow gem is in the quartz family. In the 1940s it would have been called citrine. Today someone with a marketing degree has renamed it “lemon  quartz.” Actually, that is not a bad name. The color is a gentle yellow socalling it lemon quartz is really more descriptive than simply calling it citrine.  The size cannot quite be appreciated from the photo, but it is 1.25 inches tall!

The most popular gems for these monster rings were citrine, aquamarine and amethyst.  They were almost always cut as an oval or an emerald cut. Of the three, aquamarine is the most expensive jewel so those rings were, and still are, the most valuable.  Since there are no diamonds adding to the price, these rings are not too expensive. The lemon quartz ring shown here is only a thousand dollars. Not bad considering the gem is probably around forty carats.  Wear this ring to a party and you WILL get comments.