Our Heritage by Stan Shelley

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2018 at 1:45 pm by Shelley's

The values of a business often come directly from the owner. Or in some cases they come from the founder, as would be the case for us here at Shelley’s Jewelry. Here is a little bit about our founder and my father, Keith Shelley.

My father served in World War II and upon the end of the war he went to watchmaking school on the GI Bill. When that was completed, he returned to his home town of Watford City, North Dakota, and set up a jewelry business which had a heavy emphasis on watch repair. The local folks were so pleased to have a watch repairman in town that Dad took in fifty watches on the first day. That business, founded in about 1948, was called Shelley’s Jewelry.

In 1961 the family moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where my father tried a couple other occupations because he did not want to repair watches all his life. But within a couple of years Dad was offered a job managing a jewelry store in nearby Hendersonville. After ten years of that he opened the new North Carolina version of Shelley’s Jewelry where he hired a watchmaker and he worked on the sales floor. I joined him in 1979.

Here is a street view photo of Shelley’s Jewelry when it first opened on Main Street in Hendersonville. We actually shared space with Swanson’s Organs and Gifts!