VIP Rewards Dollars!


When you make a purchase at Shelley’s Jewelry, whether in person or on line, you automatically become a VIP! We consider all of our customers to be VIPs, whether you are purchasing a $50,000 diamond or a watch battery, you are a VIP at Shelley’s.

Our VIP rewards program is generous and simple. Every time you make a purchase, you earn 5% VIP Rewards Dollars. You can allow these Rewards Dollars to accumulate and use them whenever you choose. Rewards Dollars NEVER expire. Need an appraisal? You will earn Rewards Dollars! Want a custom design piece? You will earn Rewards Dollars!

Rewards Dollars can be spent on anything* in our store at any time. You choose when you want to spend your Rewards Dollars. We will even keep track of your Rewards Dollars! There are no limits as to how many Rewards Dollars you can accumulate. There is no cost or obligation for you to participate.

All you need to do is SHOP! It couldn’t be easier!

(see store for complete details)